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Dukan Diet Guide


The Dukan Diet is a dietary approach designed by French nutritionist and dietician, Pierre Dukan. It is a very healthy eating plan, which is based on the habits of the primitive man who hunted for food and gathered in various ways.If you’re thinking, “hey that sounds like the Paleo diet”, you aren’t far off. In fact, Dukan stated that the Paleo diet is a mere copy of his diet plan.
There are about 100 food items out of which 72 come from animals and 28 are from plants. When you follow the Dukan Diet, you can eat as much as you want, with the only catch being all of your food is limited to these 100 items.
The Dukan Diet is intended to bring rapid weight loss and provide you with healthy eating habits that will teach you to keep the excess weight away.
This is a NO-BS guide to the Dukan diet. Other guides have poor quality information and terrible grammar. We personally researched all of the most accurate and scientific info, and collected it in this App.
The Dukan Diet Guide covers:-The Basics: 4 Phases - High Protein, Low Fat, Low Carb-The Benefits-Dangers and Side-Effects-FAQ: Frequently Asked Dukan Diet Questions-How to Get Started-Attack Phase Foods: 68 Lean Protein Items -Cruise Phase Foods: Protein + 28 Vegetables-Consolidation Phase Foods: Fruits, Whole-grains, Cheeses-Stabilization Phase Foods: All Food Groups-Tips To Staying On Track-Recipe Links
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